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Committed to Our Community
Through ThriveSphere Athletics Foundation

At NorStar Volleyball Club, our passion for volleyball extends beyond the court. We believe in fostering a strong sense of community and giving back to those who share our love for the game. That's why we're proud to have established the ThriveSphere Athletics Foundation, 501(c) (3) Tax ID: 99-2823079, our non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all children to experience the joy and benefits of athletics.

Our Mission:

ThriveSphere Athletics Foundation is dedicated to empowering young athletes through mentorship, character-building sports programs, and educational resources. We strive to create a positive sports environment that fosters personal growth, resilience, and leadership in all areas of their lives.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire and nurture a generation of young athletes who excel in sports and life, embodying the values of integrity, teamwork, and perseverance. We envision a community where every young athlete has the opportunity to thrive, supported by a network of mentors, coaches, and educational resources that promote holistic development and lifelong success.

Through our ThriveSphere Athletics Foundation, we are committed to working towards a future where we can:

  • Provide Scholarships: We offer financial assistance to deserving players from underserved communities, ensuring everyone has the chance to participate in our programs and develop their athletic skills.

  • Donate Equipment: We contribute equipment to local schools and organizations, helping to grow youth athletics and provide essential resources for developing programs.

  • Community Outreach Events: Our players and coaches volunteer their time and expertise at local events, promoting athleticism, fostering a sense of community involvement, and inspiring future generations of athletes.

NorStar Volleyball Club believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the transformative power of athletics. Through our ThriveSphere Athletics Foundation, we are making a positive impact on our community and ensuring that sports remains accessible to all.

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Your donation, big or small, can help us offer scholarships and free coaching to those in need.

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